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L-R Simon Black (Poppy Chair), Carolyn McColl (Sponsoring Committee Chair), Corporal Zachary Selby, Manny Raspberry  (Branch 110 President), and Captain Sandra  Knautz were all on hand for a donation of $5000.00 to 173 Tiger  Squadron from our Poppy  Fund.


 One of our Legion Members brought in this poem that was written by her granddaughter several years ago.


Posted with permision.


On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we take to remember.

But do we really?

We take our moment of silence too early.

We speak through our moments of respect.

A designated time to honour those lost, those who moved on, those who continue to fight.

Sacrilege to speak during it.  Taboo. It’s 2 minutes.  Only 2 minutes.

2 minutes to think, to wonder, to pray and hope, to thank.

2 minutes is not a hardship, nor as big a sacrifice as was given to give you those 2 minutes, and all the minutes, hours, days and weeks……all the time you have is thanks to them.

Do them a favour.  Take a moment, when you are supposed to and be silent.  It’s respectful, it’s to remember.

It won’t interrupt your assembly, meeting or day.  It will show that you care and that you’re thankful.  God may have given you freedom, but they fought so you could keep it.


Sarah Milani




Neil Elliott, sponsoring Chairperson for 704 Air Force Squadron accepts a donation from Lorne Bermel, Poppy Chair of Branch 110.  704 Air Force Squadron assists the Branch during the Annual Poppy Campaign and its members also stand vigil at the Cenotaph.

Branch 110 Poppy Chair Lorne Bermel (r) presents a cheque to Lisa Allen (c), President of the Navy League.  On the left is John Lilje, Commanding Officer of 79 Trent Sea Cadets.  The Cadet League assists the Branch during the Annual Poppy Campaign. 

 Pictured left to right, 173 Tiger Air Cadet Squadron Chairperson Linda Thornback of the Senior Sponsoring Committee receiving a donation, Cadet LAC Moira Sharpe, Lorne Bermel Branch 110 Poppy Chair making the presentation, Cadet AC Liam Wood, and 173 Squadron Commanding Officer Sandra Knautz.  Branch 110 sponsors 173 Squadron and the Squadron assists the Branch during the Annual Poppy Campaign as well as throughout the year by attendance at various parades and standing vigil at the Cenotaph.


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