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Catch The Ace is Back at our


The Current Draw is for Week 14

The Progressive pot is at $1737.60.

Week 13 Winner - Ralph Defosse,

The  Ace of Spades was not drawn,

he won $90.00




Lee Collings won our first draw.

The Ace of Spades was hidden in Envelope Number 16.

Pot was at $5455.80.

How it works:

If your ticket is drawn, you win 20% of Draw

Sales that week, and the opportunity to draw a

card from the Deck.  If you draw the Ace of

Spades you win the Progressive Pot.  If you do

not draw the Ace of Spades, that 30% of that

weeks Ticket Sales is added  to the Progressive

Pot and Carried over to the next Draw.  This

continues until the Ace of Spades is Drawn!!

Gambling Hotline # 1-888-230-3505.  Our License # 8686.



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